A Xaerosystems

Who we are


X AeroSystems (XAS) was established in 2011. XAS is a Portuguese company that designs, develops, tests and manufactures Unmanned Aerial Systems.

XAS is therefore a company with great vitality and openness that is positioned in the integration of systems, agglomerating complementary competences and providing the working scope and the agglutinating vision fundamental for the creation of the necessary critical mass so that Portugal can put itself like An important country in aeronautical construction. Undoubtedly, the XAS project has a vast experience of collaborative work (since 2008) and represents an excellent example for what can be done in an open, transparent and participative innovation model (open innovation) in the Country.

The company's strategy is based on the sustained growth of skills and competences developed, focused on one of the most anticipated subsectors of growth in the aeronautics sector over the next 20 years - that of unmanned vehicles. The entry of Portugal as an international player in integration in the aeronautics sector, would take place through an area that not only has an enormous growth expected but also has incomparably fewer barriers to entry. The consolidation of the knowledge acquired is likely to be escalated to manned aviation. The presence for a structured growth in the engineering, production and testing of national structures based on unmanned vehicle systems will allow skilled and qualified access to other products of higher value in manned systems.

In the plan that the partners have for XAS, it is fundamental the training with regard to the project for certification, aeroestructures test and the airworthiness approval of the products. It should be noted that XAS is positioned as a market access vector, allowing the integration, certification and sale of systems from various sources: both products already developed by companies belonging to the consortium or even by external companies , Thus serving as a catalyst for national capacity.

As a company operating in a highly technological sector, the economic dimension and the scientific and technological dimension of the XAS strategy are closely linked. In order to succeed in the market, XAS has identified three sources of competitive advantage that will have to be optimally harnessed for the company to position itself advantageously in relation to already established competitors and of greater history:

  • Technological competence;
  • Integration capacity;
  • Knowledge of the target market.